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Lunaris Swiss Water® Process Decaf

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Lunaris. This coffee is complete opposite of Solaris as everything that pertains to the sun is. 

This is a Swiss Water® Decaf process where fresh Canadian Mountain Water (right? why do you call it swiss water?) is used to remove 99.9% of the caffeine by soaking green coffee in hot mountain water (GCE), that triggers the caffeine in the green coffee and removes it off of the bean. Then the bean is dried and bagged. The same water goes back through the carbon filtration method and once the caffeine is removed the water is used again to remove caffeine out of the beans. So sustainable! 

This process uses no chemicals to remove caffeine from the bean, and it is a relatively expensive process compared to the EA method which is widely used in South America. 


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Typically ships in 1-3 days. 

Transparency Report

This Specialty Coffee is sourced from Brazil, however the specific coffee is decaffeinated using the state of art technology of Swiss Water Process® in Canada.

Swiss Water Process® is a method for decaffeinating coffee beans without chemicals. It involves soaking green coffee beans in hot water to dissolve caffeine, creating a "flavor-charged" solution. The beans are then removed, and the solution passes through a carbon filter that traps caffeine while allowing the flavor molecules to remain. Finally, the decaffeinated beans are re-soaked in the flavor-charged solution, absorbing their original flavors. This process is repeated until the beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, preserving the coffee's taste.





$1.80 (Arabica)


The process of getting green coffee from its place of origin to the United States can involve various expenses, including those related to the farm, shipping, and market factors. Our true purpose behind sharing the pricing information is to help our customers gain a broader understanding of the journey of our specialty coffee and fulfill our promise of transparency.

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