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Apex – Standing at the pinnacle of espresso mastery, Apex Espresso is a bold testament to the art of the roast. 

It is intense, reminded me an Italian roast. Initially we tried this coffee as a very very dark roast and tested it on some latte. The taste was delicious however its against our values as a specialty coffee company to roast it that dark. 

So, we developed a good body over 30% and blended it with some Ethiopia from Dimtu, Honduras from Selin, and Brazil from Fazenda Dutra; the result is smooth, dark but powerful espresso for everyone. 

Apex stands tall as the top dog of our espressos. 

Transparency Report


$1.80 (Arabica)


The process of getting green coffee from its place of origin to the United States can involve various expenses, including those related to the farm, shipping, and market factors. Our true purpose behind sharing the pricing information is to help our customers gain a broader understanding of the journey of our specialty coffee and fulfill our promise of transparency.

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Pure Passion: Ethical Sourcing, Organic Roasting

We specialize in roasting Organic and/or Biodynamic coffees meticulously sourced through ethical practices that prioritize transparency, sustainability, and purity. Our commitment ensures that our coffee beans are free from pesticides, herbicides, and any other chemicals that could compromise the natural growth of the coffee plants.