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Silimakuta Nuel

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This coffee was grown in the Simalungun region of Northern Sumatra, a province of Indonesia. Two individuals, Nuel and Norma, operate a small coffee collection center in the Silimakuta region, purchasing from around 100 farmers. Entering their collection center, you'll understand that this is not the typical coffee collector family. You'll find a hand-built roaster, and remnants of experiments showcasing their passion to push the boundaries of what Sumatran coffee can be. This creativity is needed in the Simalungun region because over the past decade, the lack of agronomy education has led many farmers to replace coffee with orange trees. However, the orange market is more volatile than coffee and farmers often end up in a tough position. Thanks to Nuel, Norma, and our import partners in Sumatra, this trend is slowly being reversed to assist Sumatran producers in commanding the prices they deserve.

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