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Snapchill Iced Coffee 12pack)

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Introducing our Angora Iced Coffee, where the vibrant landscapes of Honduras and Ethiopia meet in a spectacular dance of flavors, all crystallized in a glass. By employing the innovative Snapchill Technology, we're able to lock in the beans' freshest flavors, presenting an iced coffee that is both vivacious and incredibly crisp. Taste the harmonious blend of the rich, fruity notes from Ethiopia and the smooth, chocolatey undertones of Honduras, all while experiencing a chilling, instantaneous escape from the warmth of summer days. It's more than a drink—it's a momentary journey to the coffee farms of two countries, delicately united in your glass. Refresh, recharge, and relish the rich tapestry of tastes with every sip.

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$1.80 (Arabica)


The process of getting green coffee from its place of origin to the United States can involve various expenses, including those related to the farm, shipping, and market factors. Our true purpose behind sharing the pricing information is to help our customers gain a broader understanding of the journey of our specialty coffee and fulfill our promise of transparency.

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Pure Passion: Ethical Sourcing, Organic Roasting

We specialize in roasting Organic and/or Biodynamic coffees meticulously sourced through ethical practices that prioritize transparency, sustainability, and purity. Our commitment ensures that our coffee beans are free from pesticides, herbicides, and any other chemicals that could compromise the natural growth of the coffee plants.