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Founded in 2020, our purpose is to champion excellence and innovation in coffee, fostering positive global change through our commitment to quality, sustainability, and equitable partnerships.

angora coffee laboratory coffee tasting
For brighter mornings.

"Angora," a name rich in historical tapestry and synonymous with a legacy far beyond the threads of fabric, signifies our origins and our ethos in the world of coffee. While the term may not root itself in Latin, its etymological journey from the Ancient Greek, "Ἄγκῡρα," to the contemporary and the capital of Turkey, Ankara.

We burdened with a glorious purpose; continuation of some of the most important philosophies in our industry; transparency, traceability and connection between our farmers and the consumers.

Our roasts aims to satisfy every coffee drinker, - a spectrum of light and dark, single origin or blends.

We roast great coffee, for brighter mornings.

angora coffee package back side

Our package: minimal, eco-friendly.

Our coffees are a parcel of our philosophy, a nod to historical richness, and our commitment to simplicity and quality in every aspect of our production. We chose white color to represent our company's core ideology: pure and transparent.

As a compnay we also embodied envriomental concious approach to our operatrioackages are environmental friendly, recyclable and our textured label is created with water based ink that is a great alternative since it uses water and simple ingredients instead of petroleum-based solvents and chemicals.

angora coffee package side view

While creating our packages we made sure it adheres to principles of mathematical beauty and precision through the Fibonacci method. A manifestation of harmonious balance and proportion, every element from the placement of our logo, the scaled text, to the Fibonacci rectangle housing the name of each coffee, is a deliberate nod to an understated elegance and methodical design.